Adventure Ready

Chapter 3: Adventure Ready?

“It’s a real shame, I feel, in life, to wait until you are ready. In my opinion there is no such thing as ready, there is only now.” – Hugh Laurey

So many people asked me if I felt ready to go traveling over the months leading up to our departure date. The honest answer was “no.” Actually it was more like “NO!!!”. I sat somewhere between excited and terrified. But the only thing that seemed more impossible than going was not to.

It felt like a bit of a crazy time in life to go, we turn 30 later in 2018. Alex and I talked about all the other life changing choices our friends and family of a similar age are making or have made; to buy a house, get a dog, have a baby, marry, move forward with their careers or even buy a real nice car (or van)….

Don’t get me wrong, I want a lot of these things… but I want to travel more. I went travelling on my own aged 18. I made a promise to myself then to get a work visa and use it before 30. The last 10 years haven’t been easy. It hasn’t happened as quickly as I thought it would, however, it’s happening now and I’m entirely grateful for that.

I guess this is what ready feels like.

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