Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Guide – How to Get There, Tips and More

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Guide

An In-Depth Guide to Vietnam’s Famous Theme Park, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang – How to Get There, Admission Cost, Opening Times and More

Information at a Glance

Vinpearl Land Ticket Price – 800.000vnd per person Admission

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang Opening Hours – 8.30am – 9pm Daily

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

Carved into the island of Hòn Tre, this fascinating theme park, water park, aquarium and zoo is Vietnamese billionaire Phạm Nhật Vương’s pet project. Feeling like a rather disjointed Disneyland (the park even has Disney-style music playing as you walk around), it’s a fascinating visit on many levels, and a must if you are visiting Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang
Vinpearl Land – Still a lot of fun on a rainy day

Vinpearl Land Admission Price

With admission prices currently at 800.000 vnd (roughly $35usd or £26 – keep up to date with the latest prices, here), the cost of Vinpearl Land may seem a little daunting to those travellers on a budget. Don’t let this put you off however, as the park really is packed with plenty to do, with more and more attractions opening each year.

How to Get to Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang

You could make things easy and get a taxi, the cost is roughly 62-70K VND if you get Grabtaxi.

For the more adventurous (and budget conscious), get the bus. For just 7000VND you can grab the number 4 bus, which runs every 15 minutes 5:35am to 7pm – someone has made a Google custom map of the route, here (bear in mind that this route is in reverse, coming back from Vinpearl). The bus says ‘Hon Xen = Nguyễn T-Thuật = Vinpearl on the front. You can catch it anywhere on Nguyễn Thiện Thuật road, we caught it next to the Vietcom Bank at number 48 – just look for the blue bus signs.

Hail the bus and get straight on. Someone will approach you to ask for money for the bus, give them the 7000VND per person. It takes around 30-45 mins.

Potential Scam Alert

Just a word of warning – when we took this bus it stopped just short of the entrance to the park. A woman clad in green got on the bus and shouted “Vinpearl Land tickets!”. They claimed that you cannot buy tickets at the park itself, which is not true. We didn’t go for it so we are not sure how much commission they would add on top. Although Nathan Vandermost claims that these tickets are legitimate and cost the same as the park’s ticket office – so it’s entirely up to you.

Perhaps it is a way to avoid queuing at the park (when we arrived, there was no queue at all) at busy times. If in doubt, ask the person selling you the tickets here how much they are and compare this with Vinpearl Land’s price on their official website.

Getting In

Get in via the normal entrance, it’s hard to miss. The staff in the ticket booths speak English so you should have no problem getting in. Pay in VND or use a debit or credit card (international cards accepted).

Make sure to grab a free map as it will help you get around.

Your bags will be checked before getting on the cable car – you are not allowed to bring in your own food or drink (including water!). This said, our bags were not thoroughly checked as I hid a bottle of water at the bottom and got it through just fine.

Vinpearl Land’s Cable Car

We were warned that during peak times the queue for the cable car can be anything up to 1 hour – although according to Wikipedia, the cable car system can ferry 1000-1500 people per hour. We managed to get straight on however, as we arrived relatively late in the day and with poor weather.

The cable car is great fun and lasts around 10 minutes.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang
The Cable Car adds great value to your ticket

What’s There?

  • Bubbleland (Waterpark) and Watersports
  • Safari/Zoo (King’s Garden)
  • Blooming Hill – Biodomes and Giant Ferris Wheel
  • Aquarium
  • Theme Park (Rollercoasters etc)

When you hop off the cable car, Vinpearl Land’s wide, open spaces beckon you in. But where to go first?

Vinpearl Land map
Official Vinpearl Land Map from the Vinpearl Land website

The Waterpark (Bubbleland)

We decided to head straight to the waterpark, which is found at the south west side of the park. It takes a bit of navigating, but use your map and look for ‘Bubbleland’ on the signs, and you will get there in no time.

Enter the waterpark and queue up to get a locker key – costs a small fee + a 10,000vnd deposit fee in case you lose the key – which can happen. Make sure you fill in the deposit slip they give you straight away and keep it safe or else you may not get your deposit back. All the lockers are squeezed in tightly together in a small space, so you may have to navigate some close quarters interaction with people!

It’s a bit of a walk to each ride, and the grippy plastic flooring they put down can be quite painful on the feet so it might be a good idea to wear flip flops. If you do, you will have to leave them at the bottom of each ride. There are a few reports of people stubbing toes and getting cuts whilst walking around, so do be careful.

The waterpark’s rides are split up into two sections: the ‘Amusement Ride Zone’, and ‘Family and Children Games Area’.

Vinpearl Land Waterpark

Amusement Ride Zone

This is where the real fun starts.

Be aware that certain slides are open at certain times (this was the case when we were there, as the park was not very busy). When we arrived most rides were open apart from the Space Hole.

The Slides

6-lane multislide, Kamikaze slide and body slide, all are fast and fun. You will certainly get a face full of water on these!


This 2-person slide’s near-vertical drop at the beginning is hilariously intense!

Space Hole

The dreaded Space Hole! Out of our party of four, only one of us didn’t come out with a minor injury! After a slow and winding start, the Space Hole accelerates and you hurtle into the bowl at some speed. The entry into the bowl is accompanied by a drop of about 2 feet, which, quite frankly, hurts. The ride finishes with you slowly losing speed around the bowl, before very ungracefully sliding backwards (or upside-down) through the ‘black hole’ at the bottom of the bowl into a plunge pool. Definitely one to experience – but you have been warned!

Family and Children Games Area

After all the thrills above, it may be time to chill out and relax. Take the Family Rafting Slide – you will have to carry a huge, six person ring across the park, and onto the ride’ s elevator.

The Wave Pool is worth checking out too, and there’s a kid’s pool for the little ones.

Don’t forget the Lazy River! Float around slowly in the chilly water, and try your best to capsize your friends’ rings without the lifeguards seeing.

Beach Sport Games

Make sure to check out Splash Bay, which is an inflatable assault course set up just out beyond the park’s rather nice beach. It’s inclusive and free to use with your ticket. It’s a great bit of fun and an awesome way to get some exercise and embarrass yourselves falling over time and time again.

On the beach you can also hire a jetski – 500,000vnd for 15 minutes on the faster jet ski, or a water hoverboard.

The Water Park is fun for a few hours, but after a few bumps and bruises, it may be time to get some food at the cafe near the lockers. Prices here are relatively expensive, but just about right for a theme park! You can get a mixture of Western or Vietnamese fast food here.

Zoo (King’s Garden)

Head straight up the hill, via the series of colourful escalators, and you will find yourself at the King’s Garden. Here you can explore the various ‘worlds’ and see flamingos, birds, monkeys, giraffes, lions and plenty more. We didn’t particularly enjoy this part of the park as the enclosures seemed a little on the small side.

Blooming Hill

One of the newest additions to the park (completed in 2017), this area is West of the King’s Garden and is a botanist’s dream. Dotted with biodomes (think Eden Project in Cornwall) that include everything from a desert dome filled with cacti, to jungle and even a temperate zone with rose garden! Finish off your time in this area at the Sakura Cafe watching the Koi or at the Classical-inspired Viewing Tower, with views over the North Beach.

Blooming Hill in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

The Ferris Wheel

Finish off your trip around Blooming Hill on the iconic ferris wheel. Another recent addition, it’s hard to imagine the park without this 120 metre tall wonder, Vietnam’s biggest ferris wheel (and in the world’s top 10 largest)! It’s an ideal way to see the park and all the way across to Nha Trang.

Vietnam's largest Ferris Wheel

The Main Theme Park – Titan Peak

From bumper cars and bungee trampolines, to the (rather short) Mine Adventure, Evolution and ‘Rollercoaster’ coasters, to the somewhat more thrilling Revolution, Sky Drop, Giant Sky Chaser and Pirate Ship, there’s some quite fun, if not a bit mild, classic theme park rides to be enjoyed.

You must have a go on the Extreme Launcher, a great ride that has you careening down the mountain (near the Vinpearl Land sign) on go karts on rails. You have control of how fast you go. It’s a popular ride and you may get stuck behind slow people (like me). Look out for the two cameras and strike a pose – you can collect the prints afterwards for a fee.


There are plenty of performances going on around the park. The Mermaid Show is definitely worth a watch in the Aquarium. Keep up with the show times, here.

Dolphin Show

There are also daily performances from resident trained dolphins. We didn’t go and see it as we don’t agree with that sort of thing!

In many ways a symbol of modern Vietnam, Vinpearland Nha Trang certainly has plenty to offer. For the admission fee, there’s plenty included. Besides the chance of a minor injury in the Waterpark, Vinpearl seems to be very safe, and well up to international standards. The knock-off Disney songs, empty open spaces and simplicity of the park adds to the charm of the place, and puts it firmly in Vietnam’s must visit places!