We Wander to Wonder

Heat rises from my face. Sweat drips and trickles past my temples. We deliberate, shall we turn back?

For hours we had been looking for the waterfall we trekked to two days earlier. After an epic two hours of rough terrain we stumbled into the next village. What has taken us the best part of the morning is an easy 20 minute walk along the main road.

Damn it.

We sat and ordered lunch in a simple local restaurant. After we felt rested, conversation turned back to the elusive waterfall. The temptation to plunge into cool mountain water was a hunger that could not be satisfied as easily as our empty bellies. It was hot and we wanted release. Our decision made, we decided to go just a little further up the only main road we hadn’t been down yet.

After another 20 minutes we found a higher river. My heart skipped. With a new found energy I bounded up the path and walked quickly along the precarious edge of a rice paddy, one foot out of place would mean tumbling over a precipice into the river one side or sinking into knee deep mud the other.

Following the narrow path over boulders and onto a ledge, I found it; a patch of river higher than the village. Down stream women washed clothes. Up stream two boys played at fishing. Peeling my muddy shoes and socks off, I could not wait a second longer. I was in. The water was so refreshing on my feet. I waded further, climbing boulders until I found a pool wide enough and deep enough to swim in.

As I lay on my back and let the current gently pull me further into the pool I felt it: One of those moments when life is perfect. I looked up and could tell Alex felt it to. This is it – in this moment – this is why we seek. This is what keeps the wanderlust alive in our veins. We wander to seek. To seek places like this. And in seeking we wonder. And in this moment I wondered at just how wonderful life can be. And how blessed I was to be. Just be.

We wander to wonder.

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